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Activated Charcoal+Rose Teapop

Designer: Covet and Devour

$10.00 USD
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The Covet and Devour Activated Charcoal+Rose Teapops can be eaten alone or added to water to make a delicious detoxifying tea! Just add the Teapop to hot or cold water and let it dissolve. A single Teapop can be used for multiple cups of tea depending on your desired level of sweetness.

All her treats are made with healthy, vegan ingredients. Not to mention, ingredients with many benefits for the skin and body. The only downside to these treats is that they're so pretty, you won't want to eat them! Great as a gift to yourself or as a party favor.

Each Teapop is individually wrapped with a black bow.

Ingredients: Coconut Sugar, Activated Charcoal, and Rose.

Because there are no preservatives in her products, they are best if kept in a cool, dry place.